Thursday, 19 September 2013

News: Jamie Oliver for Sobeys - "Better food for all."

Celebrity chef debuts new campaign for grocery chain.

This summer Canadian grocery chain Sobeys announced that it was partnering with Jamie Oliver as part of a "better food" campaign for the retailer. Over the past few years Oliver has campaigned for better food in schools and has become an advocate for food education.

"It's a real honour to be working with Sobeys, a fantastic organization that has been bringing fresh food to Canadians for 106 years now," said Oliver. "I've always received an extremely warm welcome from Canadians, and I'm thrilled to be joining the Sobeys' team."

Sobeys has said Canadians have increasingly become health conscious, with 73% wanting to eat better. As part of his role with Sobeys, Oliver will work to increase food education and cooking skills of Canadians. Sobeys will be reorienting its product assortment to focus on these aims.

The campaign launches a new brand positioning for Sobeys, "Better Food For All," built around four pillars:

1. Enjoying Fresh and Tasty Food
2. Shopping for Healthy and Wholesome Products
3. Choosing Sustainable Products
4. Saving Time

Over the coming months Sobeys will launch new products, incorporate food ideas into its weekly flyer, and roll out an integrated marketing campaign with Oliver.

A new series of television ads recently debuted and can be viewed on Sobey's YouTube page or on their website.

[Click here for the official announcement and press release]